Nav-Unique SD Cards

“Nav-Unique” SD Cards

Maps Unique Waypoints/Data for your GPS

 $259.99 Version #2 (2023)

Nav Unique The “Nav-Unique” product is provided on a Mini SD card, which comes with a standard SD card adapter included. This setup allows you to use the Mini SD card with devices that require either a Mini or standard SD card format.

Our Nav-Unique SD cards feature six expansive regions (listed below) with overlapping areas for comprehensive coverage to choose from. Each SD card pairs perfectly with our Maps Unique hardcopy map series for the Southeast, ensuring you have detailed, corresponding navigation both digitally and on paper.  Each region contains over 1,000 unique waypoints, making manual imports a thing of the past!

Your selected SD card is loaded with detailed information for two large geographic areas, matching the areas covered by our hardcopy printed maps with abbreviation of area map in front of site number on SD card (because of overlapping areas). For example: Hatteras is H before natural bottom number and A before artificial reef, Murrell’s Inlet is M before natural bottom number and A before artificial reef.) Some site names are abbreviated for space limitations on plotters.

The data on each card includes all natural bottom sites, individual artificial reef structures, and wreck locations. Additionally, every waypoint is accompanied by a description that includes the place name, type of structure, and water depth. Chart plotters not only display these waypoints but also feature special Maps Unique icons that correspond to the hardcopy map sites, along with many place names.

Using the Nav-Unique SD card is straightforward. Just insert it into your GPS unit and select the function to upload the data. Our card is preformatted for compatibility with most GPS brands and models, including Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, Raymarine, Hummingbird, C-Map, and more, ensuring a seamless setup experience.

1) Hatteras/Cape Lookout 36°30 to 33°40 (Oregon Inlet, NC to Swansboro, NC 1,805 numbers)
2) Cape Lookout/Cape Fear 35°00 to 33°05 (Beaufort, NC to Carolina Beach, NC 2027 numbers)
3) Cape Fear/Murrells Inlet 34°33 to 32°28 (New River Inlet, NC to Georgetown, SC 2,024 numbers)
4) Murrells Inlet/Charleston 34°00 to 31°43 (Southport, NC to Charleston, SC 2,453 numbers)
5) Charleston/Beaufort, SC 33°05 to 31°43 (Charleston, SC to Edisto River, SC 1,238 numbers)
6) Savannah GA/Beaufort SC 32°41 to 30°58 (Beaufort, SC to St. Simon, GA 1,504 numbers) SD card is more up-to-date than hardcopy map

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