Maps Unique/SeaMarks Computer Software


Waypoint and Data Management Program

Maps Unique “SeaMarks” is software designed to run on Windows based operating platforms. SeaMarks contains the Maps Unique databases updated to 2023. There are 3 geographic regions to choose from along the NC, SC and GA Coast.

All databases include, place names, bottom structure type, description, and water depth.  Data includes natural bottoms, artificial reef structures, wreck locations and place names.

“SeaMarks” has routines for organizing, sorting, displaying, plotting, planning and printing that will provide coordination and clarity for all your waypoints. Yes, you can manually add or import your own waypoints to SeaMarks in either GPS or Loran. And yes, you can upload your data to an SD card and format it for import and export to your GPS model.  SeaMarks lets you create your own custom-colored maps and corresponding logbooks of all your data.  The program accepts Loran C and will automatically convert Loran coordinates to ASF corrected GPS coordinates. SeaMarks also has fields and routines for site description, icon selection, and a variety of sorting options.